It's the game of global domination!

A unique role playing game on Facebook packed with hilarious plots of absurd evil. Not the same old RPG, cut from a different cloth than the games you’ve played before, a daffy polka dot flannel. Ridiculous weapons of death and destruction make this game more fun than going to the dentist - and it’s free!

"This game is so good looking I want to marry it!"

"Very fun, totally different!"

"I think I love this!"

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Create your cover
identity, go
through the
looking-glass and
begin your career
as a Superspy.

Build your base of
operations, and enlarge
it by adding space-age goodies
and super spy technology.

Play the dirty game of espionage and perform missions, gaining power, clams, and a killer reputation.

Put together a spy network of civilian operatives to earn clams and special items through top-secret projects and research.

Target your enemies with clandestine and black operations. Rifle through their metaphorical shorts drawer and steal their frilly secrets!

Save the world on a daily basis and make it home in time for a martini just the way you like it!


At last, now you
can fulfill your
destiny and
quench your
insatiable lust
for power!

Mold your evil
identity and
begin plotting
your scheme for
global domination.

A Secret Lair will be your base of operations. You'll be able to enlarge it and add technological terrors and heinous methods of mass destruction.

Involve yourself in intrigue as you jockey for power on the international stage. Performing missions will build your power, clams, and formidable infamy.

Weave a network of minions: the pawns on your malevolent chessboard. Use these minions to carry out schemes that will bring you clams and special items of destruction.

Crush your enemies with clandestine and black operations and set the stage for your ascendance to evil overlord of the entire world.

Tiki Bar

And if, at any point the excitement is too much, kick back at the Tiki Bar, a neutral ground where Superspy and Mastermind alike go to relax, get sloshed in true south-seas style, and buy weapons of mass hilarity on the black market.