10 Video Game Storage Ideas

Are you a serious video game player? Then I bet your room can be a mess every now and them. With so many new games coming up every season and the different latest gaming devices available in the market, it is hard to resist the temptation to buy those. So, what happens to your old games and gadgets? They either lie on the floor or get dumped somewhere. As a serious gamer, you must know how precious your games and devices are.You should keep them in good condition by storing them in appropriate places. This way your favorite things won’t be ruined and your room will look uncluttered. Here are some storage ideas for video games.

Put them in cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are practical and functional storage that you can use anytime.

Many people prefer not to show off their gaming passion. If you are one of them then you can put all your gaming stuff in different cardboard boxes that you find in the superstore. Make sure you label them so that you can find the item you want.

Personalized storage cabinet

You can create a storage cabinet yourself by watching any YouTube video or a DIY book. You can build it to fit the size of your room and have enough space to store all your games and gaming accessories. You should first count the number of gaming accessories and games you have and make the compartments accordingly so that everything can fit inside.

Storage baskets

Storage Baskets are great alternatives for video game storage because of its versatility and availability.

You can get a couple of storage baskets from the superstore and put all your gaming stuff in there. This is an easy solution as you would be able to take out your games or accessories anytime very easily. You can easily keep them in one corner of your room or put them under your bed.

Shoe organizers

The shoe organizers have small compartments that are ideal for storing your gaming controllers and CDs.

You can buy shoe organizer to store your gaming controllers and game. The shoe organizers have small compartments that are ideal for storing your gaming controllers and CDs. You can hang these organizers on the wall, so it won’t take up much of your room space.

Magazine rack

 You can use your magazine rack as a storage device for your gaming devices and CDs.

You can use your magazine rack as a storage device for your gaming devices and CDs. You should buy the rack according to the size of your video game controllers. You can get magazine racks at a very cheap price, so it is actually a cost-effective solution for your business.

Wall hanger

Wall hangers are convenient storage for video controllers.

You can get some wall hangers where you can hand your game controllers. You can also make such a hanger yourself using materials found in the hardware stores.

Wall shelves

Wall shelves make a good display of your video gaming hobbies.

Just like many of us have wall mounted shelves to keep books or other items, you can use such shelves to keep your video games and controllers. This type of shelves don’t take up any floor space, so your room will not look messy at all.

Vintage suitcase

Vintage suitcases are all-time favorite storage because of its antique appearance and roominess.

You can get these on Amazon. These suitcases are very useful as they have lots of space inside. You can store your controllers and games easily in these. The advantage is that it will look like a decoration piece in your room due to its classic look.

TV stand with lots of compartments

TV stands are common storage for video games because of its convenience and practicality.

You can use your TV stand for dual purposes. A TV stand with lots of compartments will allow you to store your video games and accessories. These will be on display so you can boast about it when your friends visit your home. You can also take them out whenever you are in the mood for playing.

Plastic containers

Plastic containers are multipurpose--which makes it a top choice for storing your video games.

You can buy a couple of large plastic containers that you have in your kitchen as a storage solution. It will keep your gaming accessories and video games out of dust and dirt. So, your video games will be in good condition.
You can come up with more innovative ideas for storing your video games and accessories. You can make unique storage solutions by taking up DIY projects. Organizing the video games and accessories can be a big hassle. Your stock might keep on increasing and then it will be difficult to accommodate in your room.


You should always organize your video games every six months, find out the games or controllers that you don’t use anymore and get rid of them. You can either give them to your friends or sell them in your local charity shops. You can also give these away in your local electronics recycling facilities. If you keep video games organized, you will be able to enjoy playing these games for many more years. If you are clueless regarding wow to store your video game, read: How to Store Vintage Video Game System.

Post Author: Teresa.R.F.