The 5 Best Games for the PlayStation 4

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been around for quite some time now, so it is not rushed to try and talk about 5 of the best games ever release to the system. Of course, they’re the best games so far, better jewels than these ones may appear on the platform next year. For this list I’ll consider only titles directed launched for the PlayStation 4, which means that remasters, as good as they are – who would ignore “The Last of Us” or “God of War III” – don’t count here. I hope this list gives you a reason to finally get one PS4 if you don’t already have one.

Nier Automata

Without further ado, let’s take a brief look at the five best games for the PlayStation 4.

Persona 5:

Atlus is one of the most charismatic and peculiar companies in the games industry, and their work with the Persona franchise, a sort of spin off of the Shin Megami Tensei series, is outstanding. The Persona games, especially from the third installment onwards, are turn based RPGs with a huge focus on social interactions. That means if you want to finish the game you have to attend social events and spend time with people around you. Each relationship of the game gives the players powers of different nature and with that power you can strengthen the entities your character summons in order to win hard fights. Those entities are the things that give the series its name. Persona 5 brings back the system even more refined and in addition to that the game nods to its origins with a lot of references to the first two titles (or three, it depends on the viewpoint. The thing is Persona 2 was divided in two games). It appears the game makers were saying something like “All our experience and expertise is here in this red game. Enjoy it”.

You’d be a fool if you didn’t. Persona 5 doesn’t appeal only to RPG gamers. Give it a try and be amazed.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End:

Nathan Drake had some impressive adventures on the PlayStation 3. All Uncharted games so far have been amazing experiences and since the second title all the games have improved upon their predecessor. Uncharted 4 does that too well and is the culmination of the saga.

Nier Automata:

The first Nier game that came to the West was a truly new yet somewhat familiar experience. Everything in it was captivating, the music, the visuals, the camera angles, the boss fights… OK, maybe the firs minutes of the game and that literary dungeon weren’t that captivating but so what?

Nier Automata breathes pretty much the same air of its predecessor; don’t expect simply more of the same – that would already be great – expect astonishing improvements in all aspects that made the first title so enticing.

Resident Evil VII:

REVIII manages to start the beloved franchise anew and at the same time keep its chronology. If that’s not an achievement worthy of one of the best games of the system, please, enlighten me for I am lost.

God of War (God of War 4):

Let’s agree to put that here in advance.

Post Author: James Howell