8 Cognitive Benefits of Playing Video Games for Kids

Playing video games is fun. It can also be an amazingly stressful thing to do depending on what game is being played, but it is, in general, a rather satisfying activity that can bring families and friends together. The sensation of playing a game after a hard day at work is almost unparalleled for many people, but let’s not forget there are games made for kids too.

The truth if children can benefit immensely from playing video games, and I’m not talking only about social interactions. There are also cognitive benefits. Let’s take a quick look at eight of those benefits.

Playing Video Games for Kids


Video games can make your children more creative. Don’t think so? Imagine you’re a kid and you see worlds of possibilities in a screen just in front of you. Your mind would start to wander, you would to start to think in many different things and maybe even see your surroundings in a new perspective.

Practical problems solutions:

Many of us don’t have direct contact anymore with some of the more traditional professions like carpentry and the likes. These were jobs that would leave us ready for many aspects of the practical world, and although a video game is not the perfect substitute for these approaches, it’s better than nothing on this regard.

History and Culture:

If you kid played God of War and didn’t get at least a little bit interested in Greek Mythology he or she is an exception. Games can lit up the fire of curiosity when it comes to history and culture. They’re not to be taken as a primal source of information, but they can be wonderful introductions to cultural and historical themes.

Learning capacities:

Games are not always simple. Sometimes there are complex rules players have to deal with, and if they want to succeed they’d better learn them fast. Therefore games can improve the learning capabilities of your children.

It is good for the memory:

There are loads of stuff that needs to be memorized in games whether they are buttons combinations, specific dialogues, the layout of a level… This will certainly rises up the memory capacities of your kids.

Their brains get faster:

That is no surprise if we take into consideration all the information above. If a person gets more creative and gets better at problems solving, upgrade his or her learning capacities, enlarges his or her memory and gets interested in history and culture plus the other two benefits we’ll see below it seems rather obvious the brain will be graced with faster moves.

It increases the attention span:

Maintaining longer attention spans has been a growing problem among younger people. How relieved would you be to know then, that if your children have the habit of playing video games this problem will likely not affect them? It makes sense, after all a person must concentrate for hours in order to play some titles.

They reduce stress:

As I said in the beginning of this article, not every game can reduce stress, but there are games that can! Your children will be more relaxed and will be able to live his or her life in a more healthy way and to think better.

Post Author: James Howell