God of War

The 5 Best Games for the PlayStation 4

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been around for quite some time now, so it is not rushed to try and talk about 5 of the best games ever release to the system. Of course, they’re the best games so far, better jewels than these ones may appear on the platform next year. For this list I’ll […]

Playing Video Games for Kids

8 Cognitive Benefits of Playing Video Games for Kids

Playing video games is fun. It can also be an amazingly stressful thing to do depending on what game is being played, but it is, in general, a rather satisfying activity that can bring families and friends together. The sensation of playing a game after a hard day at work is almost unparalleled for many […]

Vintage Video Game System

How to Store Vintage Video Game System

We all must have played video games when we were little. Be is Haunted House or Shooting Gallery on a Magnavox Odyssey or Dragon Warrior on a Nintendo Entertainment System. If you happen to love collecting vintage video games and plan to store it properly there are certain things which are to be done to […]


Bizarre Video Game Accessories

Many bizarre video game accessories are manufactured solely to grab your attention. Its primary purpose is the same as any commercial product, which is to make the customers buy the product and make a profit. Every time a new gaming console comes out, there are so many accessories which are produced along with it to […]