Computer-based vs. TV based Video Games: What’s the difference?

Buddies playing video games on TV.
Buddies playing video games on TV.

In the past people used to play video games only on PCs. But now there are different gaming consoles available that let you play video games on your TV as well. The competition between PC and consoles started in the ‘80s. The battle is still going on. In one end you have a multipurpose device and on the other, you have a dedicated device. It can be difficult to pick one. Each of the options has its pros and cons. There are a number of factors that affect the decision of whether to choose computer-based or TV-based video games.

Variety of games

PCs have a wide range of games to choose from. No gaming console can provide such variety. So, whether you are looking for a childhood classic or the latest Assassin’s Creed game, you will get everything here. You can even get games that are more than 30 years old. In case of consoles, you have a limited selection of games.

Accessories can be expensive but makes the gaming experience much more intense.
Accessories can be expensive but makes the gaming experience much more intense.


In the past, people only had one device, the PC, the games were only meant to be used for PC. Slowly, the consoles arrived in the market and games were created that were solely for the consoles. Now there are games that are compatible to be played on both the platforms. However, each console and PC have some special games that can only play on a particular device. For example, you can play God of War only on PS4 or Halo only on Xbox One. If you are a fan of such game that requires you to buy a particular console, then you should choose console over PC.


PC gaming can be expensive. However, the prices of gaming consoles have increased recently. So, you need to weigh the cost of both to decide which you want to buy. If you want to have a good gaming experience, then you might have to buy an extra hardware for your PC. You should consider the cost of games on both the platforms as well.


The latest gaming consoles have 4K resolutions display capability and HDR color technology. But recently, the PCs have similar options too. In fact, a powerful PC can have a better display than a gaming console.


Gaming consoles are easy to operate. You don’t need to know about many options or features in order to play a game. As PCs are multifunctional, you need to have some technical knowledge to operate it. It is also easy to fix console if there is any problem. But it can be quite a complex job to fix your PC.

PC vs. Gaming Consoles? Source:
PC vs. Gaming Consoles? Source:

Multiplayer option

You can play multiplayer games with both PCs and consoles. But PCs have an advantage over consoles in case of online multiplayer games. If you want to play multiplayer games online using consoles like Xbox or PS4, then the players must subscribe to Microsoft or Sony’s premium online services. You will need to pay about $60 per year for this.


Though you can access streaming apps like Hulu and Netflix with the gaming consoles like Xbox and PS4, nothing will come near the capability of PCs. You can use PC to stream videos from different media, do programming, design graphics, and do many other things.

Dedicated device

Though PCs are very powerful, the gaming consoles now have their own OS to handle games. The consoles are dedicated devices made only for gaming purpose. So, it might be a better experience playing video games on consoles. The consoles only focus on the games, so they tend to improve their graphics, speed, sound, etc. to enhance the gaming experience.

PC vs. PS4 Graphics. Which is better? Find out in the video below:


In case of PCs, you may need to upgrade software after many years. But new consoles are coming on the market very frequently. So, you may need to upgrade your device quite frequently.

So, the bottom line is that consoles cost less overall and is very easy to operate. PCs can be expensive and hard to fix if there‘s any problem. There are varieties of games that you can play on PCs. The number of games that you can play on gaming consoles is limited. PCs will last longer than a console if you can maintain it well. If you don’t want to invest too much money, then you can buy a console. The graphics may not be as good as that in PCs but you will still have a great experience playing video games. You should consider all these factors before deciding whether you should buy a PC or a gaming console for playing video games. You should study the latest features of both PCs and gaming consoles before making your choice. There are online forums where you can get practical advice from people regarding these devices. You should weigh all the factors, do a thorough research and then decide which one you want to go for.

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