Bizarre Video Game Accessories

Many bizarre video game accessories are manufactured solely to grab your attention. Its primary purpose is the same as any commercial product, which is to make the customers buy the product and make a profit. Every time a new gaming console comes out, there are so many accessories which are produced along with it to help people get the most out of their gaming session. Some of them are genuinely added to enhance the gaming experience, but some of them are solely made for commercial purposes.


The following are some of the game accessories which barely make any sense:

The Sega Activator (For the Sega Genesis):

The main idea behind the Sega Activator was to give the gamer the experience of how he/she would feel when they punch or kick the enemy in the game. The Sega Activator was like a gift that was sent from the future. Many people were excited about this product, and it had an incredible market share in the industry. But in reality, all you had to do was move your arms into one of the quadrants of the activator.

Steel Battalion controller:

The Steel Battalion controller was made for Xbox title Steel Battalion. In this game, the gamers had a task with piloting a massive mech with a control panel that is equipped with over 40 buttons. The feature seems to be perfect but what made it bizarre is that you can use the Steel Battalion controller with only one another game and you cannot use for anything else.  The device is quite expensive and has a massively built quality, but when you can’t use it for any other game, it makes it useless.

Aura Interactor:

Aura Interactor is not that weird as it helps a deaf person to experience the various sounds created in the game by producing vibrations. The device turns low-frequency sound into physical momentum. One of the most significant problems with Aura Interactor is that it does not enhance the experience of 2-dimension video games like Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario World. It is also overpriced and costs about $159.99 which is more than the video game console itself.

Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style pad – PlayStation:

The Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style pad is just a regular controller. The problem with the device is that control pad functionality is one of the most poorly designed game controllers you would possibly see. It was manufactured to promote the Wu-Tang Clan fighting game and the Shaolin Style. The idea of a Wu-Tang logo-shaped pad was thought to be great, but it turned out to be a disaster. The controller is extremely hard to hold, and it makes it very uncomfortable for you to play the game. But many fans of Wu-Tang Clan love the controller, and even if they do not use it for gaming purposes, they can channel Flavor Flav and wear it as bling.

Post Author: James Howell