How to Store Vintage Video Game System

We all must have played video games when we were little. Be is Haunted House or Shooting Gallery on a Magnavox Odyssey or Dragon Warrior on a Nintendo Entertainment System. If you happen to love collecting vintage video games and plan to store it properly there are certain things which are to be done to maintain the video game systems. The following are some tips you for keeping your video game consoles and other collectors in top condition:


Video Game System

Set up a proper place to store your video game console:

If you decide to store your vintage gaming console, you have to find a suitable place. The first thing you need to make sure is that your device must not be directly in front of the window. Dust can get accumulated and cause severe damage to your console. So, keep it in a dust free place which has the right amount of air flow.

Any video game system produces a fair amount of heat, so keep the console in a room that has an Air conditioner and do not keep it any heat generating device.

Also, keep the device from UV rays as it decolorizes the ink from boxes covers and posters. It also causes chemical reactions to the plastic on the device and cartridges and causes things to heat up.

If you plan to put the console away for a long time, then do not place the device in a basement or attic where the temperature changes a lot. Try to look for a place in the house where you can keep it away from heat, cold and humidity.

Check for wires:

Do not fold the wires as they may break and the inner workings might get frayed. While sorting the wires, place them in a cardboard box. The wires will naturally curl and fit inside the box so avoid winding them into a tangle. Make sure that you keep the ends of the cables and connection dust free.

Game Controls:

You need to keep the controls safe if you plan to play on your vintage gaming console. There is no point in storing the console if you do not have a game controller to play. We always tend to throw it on the side after finishing the game. We get carried away and forget about the controls.

No matter how much you try to take care of your controller, the buttons or joystick will eventually break as you continuously use them while playing. You can replace them, but the problem is that replacing depends on your console and your knowledge of its inner workings.


You can always have a nice collection of your vintage gaming consoles and games, but it is a great challenge to maintain them. It is very painful to lose something which you love so much just because you were careless in taking care of the item. A good setup in a neat environment will help you store your video game console in a better way.

Post Author: James Howell